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The Billiken Promise

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SLU Sets You Up for Success

We value you at Saint Louis University. Our best-value education offers affordability, experiential learning, global immersion and wellness initiatives. Through these programs, you can stand out with SLU to reach your goals and make memories to last a lifetime — that’s the Billiken Promise in action.

Saint Louis University is committed to finding innovative ways to help students succeed and grow during their time as a Billiken. When you enroll as a new freshman at SLU, you're eligible for these one-of-a-kind opportunities; read on to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional requirements and details apply, so contact your SLU admission counselor for more information

How do I get started with SLU EXP?

Any high school, undergraduate or graduate student is eligible to participate regardless of your enrollment status at SLU. Through opportunities like early internships, power skills courses, events and competitions, you’ll earn digital credentials. Register through the Excelerate platform to begin.

Can I earn college credit for participating in SLU EXP programs?

No. The EXP programs offered on the Excelerate platform are non-credit-bearing. But you can earn digital badges from Excelerate that document your completion of various EXP programs.

When can I study at SLU-Madrid?

Students can study abroad at SLU-Madrid as early as their sophomore year, although the timing of a study abroad experience may be dictated by specific academic program schedules. Students need to work on their four-year degree plans with their academic advisors early in their first year at SLU, and then stay on track with that plan.

When – and how – can I use my SLU Difference Award funds?

Your SLU Difference Award is like an extra $10,000 savings account – above and beyond your financial aid package – that undergraduate students can draw on to pay for tuition for courses offered during SLU’s Summer or Winter terms (either online, in St. Louis, or at SLU-Madrid).

If you began enrollment at SLU in the fall of 2023 or later, you are eligible for the SLU Difference Award. These funds cannot be used until your second full academic year of study (regardless of your student “classification” – FR, SO, JR, SR) or beyond. And if you haven’t fully used all of your SLU Difference Award funds as an undergraduate, in certain circumstances you can use the remainder to help pay for selected SLU graduate programs (excluding programs in Law and Medicine).

As with all financial awards, restrictions apply; so contact your SLU Financial Aid counselor for more details.

Are all these opportunities required as a SLU student?

No! SLU students are not required to participate in the Billiken Promise offerings. Students can choose one or all four — it’s up to you!

Can I really extend my SLU financial aid award for a fifth year if needed?

In most cases, yes.  Unless you’re on academic probation, SLU will extend students’ undergraduate financial aid packages beyond the standard eight terms/four years, and guarantee up to 10 Fall and/or Spring terms (or five total years) of financial aid. For more details, contact your SLU Financial Aid Counselor.

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